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As an organisation, we feel that we are in exciting times where there is an increased interest in the wider community in the discourse around CODAs, our identities and our place in both the Deaf and hearing worlds. As well as continuing to organise and run events for CODAs, we also want to expand our engagement with the wider Deaf and hearing communities, organisations and individuals. So that we can grow the organisation and focus on being at the heart of the narratives around what it means to be CODA, and give a platform for expression for all CODAs individual and unique lived experiences within the wider framework. 

This is why we are seeking to recruit new volunteers to join our organisation. Our teamwork voluntarily to run CODA UK and Ireland and we would like to invite you to join us! We are looking for highly motivated and personable individuals who are passionate about our organisation, it’s ethos and aims. People who have the time and energy to commit to supporting the organisation in being able to move forwards and expand. 


As the CODA experience varies with each individual according to their own unique personal and familial circumstances, we feel that there are many ways to be CODA. It is important to cherish and celebrate this diversity under the broader banner of what it means to be a CODA. We are driven to focus on being able to create an environment within which CODAs can come together to explore their unique individual lived experiences and create a platform for personal expression. 


Part of our current aim is to be able to represent the diversity of CODAs experiences through participation and have a team that is able to embody the diversity within the wider community. In line with this, we are particularly keen to receive applications from CODAs from diverse backgrounds. 


Apply below

We are looking for individuals who are interested and/or have experience in the following areas:
Newsletter Editor 

Seeking a volunteer who would like to write our newsletters!


 - 15 minutes per week/1 hour per month.

 - Newsletters are emailed to our membership database several times per year.

 - We will update you with our CODA news and photos, your role will be to create small articles alongside the pictures for a snappy and engaging informative read. 

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