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Parents & Professionals

Please find these links which may be useful for teachers or professionals working with CODAs. These can also be used by parents to share with teachers or professionals or for their own information.

Resources for schools & parents


Sign For All Community LTD provides accessibility and awareness for deaf families.
*Father Support Group
*Child of a Deaf Adult (CODA) Workshops
*BSL Story Time
*Family Sign
*Family Events
*Family Sign
* BSL Resources
See here for more information: 

The Family Centre in Bristol provides services to support hearing children with deaf parents as they have similar communication issues to hearing parents of deaf children. The area covered is generally Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset, and  North Somerset although families outside of this area are welcome at certain events.

We provide lots of fun activities and learning opportunities for all the children, a range of BSL courses for the whole family and the opportunity to make friends with other children deaf and hearing.

Their members receive a weekly e-newsletter with information about upcoming events, including those of other relevant organisations. Any enquiries visit their website Parents can download a membership form and join up free of charge.


1. Deaf Parenting Skill Course (DPSC)
2.  1:1 Support on Parenting skills
3. Befriender Services
4. Presentations
5.  Tailor-made Services 
6. Expert witness/ independent social worker/ assessor 
7.  Information/ Support 
8. Membership
9. Deaf Parenting UK Newsletter

To learn more about Deaf Parenting UK and the services they offer, contact their Coordinator on SMS: 07789 027186 or email: or look at their website:

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Happy Hands
Happy Hands is a parent/carer and child group that supports families who are D/deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deafened or experience communication difficulties through disability. Happy Hands provides services in the North West including St Helens, Widnes and Runcorn. We are supported by the Deafness Resource Centre and we are a local National Deaf Children’s Society affiliated group. We now have dedicated funding for staff, volunteers, room hire, activities, events and trips out for our families.


What do we offer?

  • Inclusive support groups, days out, events, parties and other fun activities for families.

  • Provide support and information to families who experience Deafness.

  • Help parents and children to improve communication.

  • Increase confidence, self-esteem and independence for D/deaf family members.

  • Promote Deaf Awareness in the wider community.

Happy Hands meets every Wednesday at Hope Corner Community Church in Runcorn from 4pm-6pm and Every Saturday at the Deafness Resource Centre from 10am-2pm.

Youth Club

Also facilitated by Deafness Resource Centre Ltd provides an inclusive environment for D/deaf or hard of hearing young people meet, but also encourage hearing young people attend, therefore promoting social inclusion. The activities are aimed at young people age 10+. All Activities are run by a fully qualified Youth Worker and all of our staff and volunteers are fluent in British Sign Language. We are able to provide a fully inclusive experience for all D/deaf Young People without the usual language barriers. The group meets every Thursday between 4 pm and 7 pm at the Deafness Resource Centre. Activities include indoor sports, arts, healthy eating sessions and film nights. We also arrange trips to the local cinema, bowling and other activities.

Contact for more information


DCAL is looking for people to volunteer in their research projects.  To volunteer for DCAL projects, click here to be taken to the questionnaire website. All information about consent, data protection, privacy information and questions on the questionnaire are in English and in BSL.


If you have further questions or concerns, email:


Sign up for a chance to win a prize every 3 months whether there’s a suitable study for you to be involved in or not.


Children of Deaf Parents UK was set up as a charity in 2004 by a small voluntary committee of Deaf parents.

Its aim is to maintain a valuable for d/Deaf parents with Deaf and/or hearing children of primary school age, toddlers and babies.

By offering mutual support and a feeing of 'I am not alone', we organise events, such as a Christmas party, where parents and their children can gather to have a great time.

Any enquires please email:

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