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Meet The Team 

Meet The Team 

Board of Directors 

Hannah O'Connor 

Ireland Director 

Amy Claridge

Under 18s Director

Matthew Shrine

Welfare Director

Hey there! My name is Hannah, my pronouns are She/Her, I’m from Co. Kerry in Ireland and I’m studying to be a science and chemistry teacher. Growing up, I was always familiar with the term ‘CODA’ but didn’t fully understand everything that it encompasses in terms of identity and experiences. I’ve spent the last four years involved in LGBTQ+ groups in Cork, so I know the importance of identity and ‘finding your tribe’! At the start of this year, I decided I wanted to learn more about what CODA meant for me and how growing up with a Deaf mother shaped my identity.. So naturally, I did the same thing and dove straight into the deep end and applied to join the CODA UK and Ireland Board, having never previously been involved in any CODA events. In such a short space of time, I’ve learned so much about CODA culture and experiences and I’m looking forward to learning more and getting to attend all the amazing CODA events held around the world! 

I'm Amy and I'm from South Wales and now live in London where I work as a Teacher of the Deaf. I really fell in love with 'CODA' on my 2012 trip to America where I worked at KODA (Kids of Deaf Adults) Camp MidWest in the wonderful land of Wisconsin. Words can't even describe how amazing an experience it was and the impact that the staff, kids and the general sense of CODA 'community' and CODA pride over there had on me. My lecturer, Paddy Ladd, once said to me it was as if I'd discovered my 'CODAhood' in those months over the pond. I'm now determined to get involved with CODA UK & Ireland to give our KODAs the same opportunities and am proud to help lead our annual CODA Camp (now on its 7th year!). I hope to meet you all at future events!

I’m Matthew and I live in Birmingham, I work as a Counsellor / Psychotherapist specialising in working with Deaf clients in BSL and CODAs. I am a CODA: my father is Deaf and so were my paternal grandparents, all of whom have been involved in the Deaf community. I am very proud of my deaf heritage and feel that both sign language and the Deaf world have had a huge impact on both my professional and personal life. I have only recently discovered the full extent of my CODA identity through the CODA summer camp and international conference. This was the first time in my life I felt like I had found “my tribe”, I belonged, I was shocked by how many similar shared lived experiences I had with the other CODAs. My interests are focused around supporting CODAs to empower them to embrace their unique identity. I am passionate about developing CODA UK & Ireland going forwards, and look forward to meeting new people. 

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