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CODA UK and Ireland Leaflet
A 2013 edition of CODA UK and Ireland's Marketing Leaflet. 

DPUK: Leafet
Why you should never treat a child as an interpreter.

DPUK: CODA Leaflet
Some basic information and facts about CODAs.

CODA Info Pack
From 2005, the information pack available to all to read to understand all things CODA in short.

Seven Ties that Bind all CODAs
CODAs come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and upbringings ... but they all tread with one foot in the deaf community, and the other in the hearing world. 

CODA UK and Eire Conference 2008
A summarised report following the CODA UK and Eire conference from 2008. 

CODA UK and Eire Conference 2009
We had a conference back in April 2009 and it went well with lots of new information. We were very inspired and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. 

CODA UK and Ireland Conference 2010 Report
BDN Column November 2010. Report by Carmel Batson, CODA International Representative: β€œIn September 2010, I travelled to Brighton Deaf Club, for the gathering of Codas, as well as Deaf parents and friends of Codas, to mark the launch of their new website.”

CODA UK and Ireland Conference 2012 Report
A summary of the days events at our recent CODA UK & Ireland Conference where Guest speakers included Dr Bencie Woll and Cathy Petters from Deaf CAMHS.

Coda Fact Sheet (Hearing) Offspring of Deaf Parents
Newsletter from CODA US

Must See DVDs
An article from BDN, August 2010

Deaf parents and hearing children: No problem by Nancy Hicks in the Lincoln Journal Star: 2005

The Family; Children of Deaf share their lives b y G. Collins of The New York Times: 2009

World Apart-Hearing in a Deaf Society in the Catholic Weekly by S. Marchant: 2008

Growing Up in the Deaf Community:
Coda, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Childhoods as a Third Culture Kid Experience

Oya Ataman - WFD, Istanbul 2015


CODA UK & Ireland Deaf Education Video

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