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Here you can find a list of all the media we have collated into one place for your ease. Please enjoy browsing!

Mother, Father Deaf Documentary (RTE)

Mother, Father, Deaf offers a previously unseen portrayal of contemporary reality for deaf families. Their stories, while deeply personal, mirror the experiences of CODAs around the world.

Getting Personal: Pierce Starre (BSL Zone TV): 

A documentary about the life experience of a CODA and how they felt growing up.

YouTube: ZOOM 2011: CODA
A drama that tells the story of a young mother and her daughter and the trials each of them goes through.

YouTube: Keith Wann ASL Comedian
A must-see comedian based in the US telling stories about his life and beyond.

YouTube: Deaf Family in Japan
A beautifully crafted film about a Deaf Family in Japan.

DVD: Watching Two Worlds Collide – Keith Wann (2008)
Come and enjoy a night of storytelling and deaf culture with Keith Wann, one of America’s funniest ASL comedians. Laugh with Keith as he takes you on a hilarious “visual” journey to describe his childhood experience.

DVD: Tomorrow Dad Will Still Be Deaf – Bonnie Kraft
The wise and witty Bonnie Kraft will captivate you with true stories of her life as a CODA.

DVD: Passport Without A Country
This program about the hearing children of parents with a hearing impairment provides a look at a unique culture: men and women who do not quite belong to either of the worlds between which they are the only true bridge.

DVD: Love is Never Silent (1985)
A young woman struggles with her own need for independence and the obligation she feels for her deaf parents in this depression-era drama.

DVD: Beyond Silence (1996)
Lara...becomes interested in music and starts to play the clarinet very successfully. However her parents are deaf, they cannot share Lara's musical career. The day comes when Lara has to decide between her parents and her own ambitions.

Website: CODA Brothers: Olson Brothers  
True but Funny ASL Stories of Growing up in a home with Deaf Parents.

DVD: Abababa Alife
Now you can bring the laughter home with the “Abababa; ALIFE” DVD taped live at the Imagination Stage Theater in Bethesda, Maryland. Replay your favourite Abababa moments over and over again!


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